P2np (1-Phenyl-2-Nitropropene) Oil


1-Phenyl-2-Nitropropene (P2NP) is a representative of fatty aromatic unsaturated nitro compounds. Externally, it is a yellow needle-shaped crystal with a peculiar smell. It irritates the mucous membranes and leaves difficult-to-heal ulcers on the skin. Phenylnitropropene is highly CH-acidic.

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What is P2NP?

Also known as Phenyl-2-nitropropene, P2NP is a chemical compound with the formula C9H9NO2. You can produce it by reacting nitroethane and benzaldehyde together with a primary catalyst. In such a reaction, the base deprotonates nitroethane to form a resonance-stable anion. The anion will add to the aldehyde nucleophilically to create beta nitro alcohol that is then dehydrated to form the nitroalkene. People refer to this reaction as nitroaldol reaction. P2NP is used to produce pharmaceuticals, especially the drug Adderall which is an amphetamine mixture for treating narcolepsy and ADHD.

What is the legal status of P2NP?

It is a restricted or controlled substance in most nations. The reason is most clandestine chemists mostly use it in their production of illegal drugs called meth. In a bid to reduce the crank/meth epidemic, the authorities are trying to toughen the laws on the precursors to the drug and P2NP is one of them.

So what is Adderall?

It is a drug that contains amphetamine, a CNS stimulant that affects the chemicals in the brain that cause hypersensitivity and impulse control. As said above, the drug is famous for treating narcolepsy and ADHD. Note that Adderall can be addictive and most users end up abusing the drug. All users should inform the doctor if they have a history of alcohol or substance abuse. Amphetamine has shown a history of causing stroke, heart attack, or sudden death in people with heart conditions. People on MAO inhibitors should avoid this drug as well.

The drug works by affecting the amounts of some natural substances in the brain of the user. Because of its stimulating properties, it helps to increase the ability to pay attention and focus.

Is it easy to buy p2np?

Buying such substances depends on so many factors. How strict are the authorities in your location? If the authorities are stringent, then it might be hard to buy p2np. The distance the package will be shipped o.  Longer distances mean more inspection checks when trying to get the package across the border. Because of this, a purchase becomes harder.

All in all, there is a more natural way of making a p2np buy. What is it? You are buying online! As the online industry keeps growing, so is the ease of purchasing even controlled substances. For instance, you will find many online companies selling p2np and other related products at low and affordable prices online. However, you should not always trust each vendor you come across online. You should be very careful and do your research well. Ask yourself questions like will I be safe purchasing from this vendor? Is this vendor reliable? How reputable is he or she?

Where can you buy p2np?

You can buy p2np from us at a reasonable and fair price. We have been operating for many years now. Since our first online store, we have been gaining new experiences each day, and we keep extending our activities each year. We are a global online company that will deliver your package discreetly to any part of the world.

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